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    Experienced in sales and business development, I currently lead part of the client success team at Passle. 

    Working with a our enterprise clients, my responsibilities include onboarding, communicating best practice, and enabling our users to drive successful business outcomes.

    With a background in International Relations, I am also interested in and read extensively around macro-trends and business strategy.


    Expert-to-Expert is a new Sales and Marketing approach that focuses on engaging with the needs of your key accounts and demonstrating that your expertise is uniquely suited to helping them.  

    In a knowledge business, your expertise is what differentiates you from the rest of the pack. Most firms struggle to showcase the ability of their Experts which is critical to the sales process.

    The Passle platform makes it inherently efficient to create client-relevant and timely content which can be used to nurture your key accounts. 


    Outside of the office, my main passions are sports and food. 

    I am an avid runner and distance athlete, always on the lookout for the next challenge. Committee member and player at Actonian Rugby Club - currently recruiting if you are looking for a club in West London.

    Enjoy cooking, trying new cuisines, and exploring the globe for new experiences. 

    Follow my interest in finance by managing a personal investment portfolio.


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